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About Us

Who is "Go Naked New Zealand"?

We are Alice & Dion - South African expats living in Auckland, New Zealand. Our goal is to help promote and grow the naturism movement in Aotearoa. Alice has been secretary of the Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club from 2020, and has served as marketing manager for the New Zealand Naturist Federation and is currently managing its' social media portfolio.

She has been featured across numerous articles in newspapers and magazines and have had multiple television and radio appearances in an on-going drive to create awareness of the health, spiritual and social benefits that naturism has to offer.

We raise our son in the naturist lifestyle - and believe that exposing kids to normal naked bodies from a young age helps them form healthy ideas about body acceptance and positivity. 

Alice also runs a women-only naturist Facebook group, and have helped organise female-focused naturist events to promote participation of women in naturism. 

About Us: About Us

New to Naturism?

Ever thought about trying naturism or visiting a naturist club? 7Sharp did a wonderful piece with us on naturism and the Auckland Outdoor Naturist club, watch it here .

Also be sure to check out the NZ Naturist Federation website for more info. 

About Us: About Us
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