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Experience Nude Cooking Day 1 Sept

What is Nude Cooking Day?

The New Zealand Naturist Federation (NZNF) wishes to introduce to you Nude Cooking Day, which is held on the first day of spring (1 Sept) for the Southern Hemisphere (or the first day of Autumn for Northern).

Nude cooking day seeks to promote healthy body image and healthy eating, as well as sustainability by reducing food packaging. 

Discover a new dimension to nudity in your own home. Unless you are a naturist, chances are you're frequently nude in your bedroom and bathroom, but less so your kitchen. By being nude while preparing food, you become more aware of your body and what you put into it.

Our bodies are our true homes. When we strip down and can feel secure and confident in our own skin, those feelings get carried over into all other aspects of life.

And the best place to start that journey of love and acceptance is in your own home, in your kitchen.

Nude Cooking Day is now also observed by the Australian and South African Naturist Federations. 

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Nude Cooking: About Us
Organic Vegetables

Experience Nude Food

What is nude food?

When we buy packaged foods, or takeaways or eat at a restaurant - we are often unaware of all the hidden artificial ingredients put in that is designed to enhance the taste and lifetime of the food. But these artificial ingredients are quite often high in salt or refined sugar or fat. So what you end up consuming - is quite different to what you think you might be eating. 

The philosophy of nude food is to undress your food, and to prepare your meals from raw, unprocessed ingredients. It's an awareness of what's in our food and what we put in our bodies. Less from factories, more from the earth. Check out our Nude Food Recipes

We have one of the biggest advocates for nude food in the world, right here in Aotearoa New Zealand. Follow Nadia Lim* for loads of information, resources and recipes on nude food:

Nude food may also refer to unpackaged foods - as a society we should seek to reduce packaging, particularly plastic, where possible when it comes to our food and drink - to reduce the burden plastic and other disposed packaging is putting on our ecosystem and planet. 

Nude Cooking: Mission

Nude Cooking and Nude Food

An awareness of our bodies, and what we put into it

Nude Cooking

Undress Yourself

Take off those winter layers and become enchanted with the sights, smells and tastes of cooking nude at home and enjoying the free-body awareness that goes along with the food you eat. 

Find the natural rhythm and connection to your body and what you put into it.

Image by Randy Fath

Nude Food

Undress your food

Nude Food refers to preparing food in your home from their natural state. Cooking from raw, unprocessed ingredients.

The food we buy - particularly meals of convenience -  are saturated in a host of processed and artificial ingredients.  Most of these ingredients preserve food longer, or enhance the taste, but is quite often very bad for our health and bodies. 

Nude food takes us back to simpler, healthier eating by undressing your food and consuming it as nature intended.

The Nude food philosophy also focuses on reducing packaging around foods, particularly plastic - the less plastic and packaging we can use, the better for our environment and ecosystem.

Body Awareness

Become aware of your body and what you put into it

Have you tried dieting and failed? Have your tried eating healthier but can't? 

Well, what do you have to lose by being nude in your kitchen and gaining a higher level of awareness of yourself and your body?

By becoming more aware of our bodies, and stripping ourselves down, we also become more aware of what we put into our bodies - and can then undress the food just like ourselves. Thereby gaining an understanding of exactly what we are eating and cutting out what we shouldn't be.

Nude Cooking: Projects

Nude Food Recipes

See our Nude Food Recipes Page for the best nude food recipes from our local naturist community and around the web

Nude Cooking: Text

Promoting Naturism

Nude Cooking Day is promoted by the New Zealand Naturist community

Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature characterised by the practice of communal nudity with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and for the environment. What are the benefits of naturism?

Image by Shane Rounce

Healthy Attitude To Nudity And Body Acceptance

Change your perception about nudity

When we see naked bodies in media, it is often in a sexual context, or of actors or models. Naturism promotes bodies in a natural context, and seeks to educate that all bodies are perfect irrespective of age, weight or race.

Getting back to nature

We are part of nature

With our increasing reliance on mobile devices and technology, we are creating an indoor culture and moving away from nature and each other. Naturism seeks to promote outdoor activities, health and human connections.


Naturism is about forming connections between people

Naturism promotes community and whanau - it seeks to establish an iwi of like minded people and foster and create new friendships.

Nude Cooking: Projects

Nude Cooking Day in South Africa

The South African Naturist Association endorses nude cooking day. Perfect opportunity for a nude braai or potjie!


Nude Cooking Day in Australia

The Australian Naturist Federation supports nude cooking day. Nude cooking down under! See this link

Nude Cooking: Projects
Nude Cooking: Text

Naturist Resources and Links

Here's a list of links where you can find out more information about Naturism in Aotearoa.

​You can find loads of resources and information on the NZNF website:

See this informative video SevenSharp did on naturism in New Zealand (Auckland): 

SevenSharp: The nudist camp tucked away in a corner of West Auckland

Online communities: 

Below is a list of the major naturist clubs in New Zealand: 

There are many fantastic smaller clubs around too. For a full list of all clubs, please see

* All clubs mentioned operate on a membership model and are members of the NZNF with the exception of Katikati which is privately owned.

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