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Naked at the Beach

Sun's out, buns out

New Zealanders love going naked at the beach. In fact, you might be surprised to find out that we're

second only to Australia when it comes to enthusiasm for naked sun bathing. No wonder given we're an island with some wonderfully secluded and stunning beaches, such as Little Palm Beach (pictured here with Alice) which has been listed as one of the top 20 nudist beaches in the world. NZNF Marketing Manager Alice de Wet was recently interviewed by Radio New Zealand  regarding our keenness for getting naked in the sun. 

In NZ, it is not illegal to be naked at a beach, provided you are not participating in an activity that can be considered rude or offensive, or being naked with the intent to offend. But be sure, if you are naked at any beach and minding your own business, you are within your legal right to do so. 

So what nude beaches are good to visit in and around Auckland? Naked Wanderings have put together a few good resources: 

If you're in the Hauraki area, be sure to check out Hauraki Naturally

Finally, the FREE BEACHES website offers loads of information on what the best beaches are to go to,

as well as other useful information. 

In NZ, here are some of the events we observe: 

  • Day without togs (last Sat. in Jan)

  • Summer skinny dipping day (last Sat. in Feb)

  • Spring skinny dipping day (first Sat. in Sept) 

  • Polar Plunge (usually around the winter equinox)  

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