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Nude Gardening Day

3rd Sat in Oct Southern Hemisphere

Internationally Nude Gardening day has been celebrated on the first Sunday of May. However, since this is a bit cold for the Southern Hemisphere, since 2018, NZ has been celebrating its' own Nude Gardening Day the 3rd Sat of October, and was joined since 2022 by Aus and SA.

Each year has a different theme. The 2023 theme was: "Veggies - better home grown". Alice is pictured here helping Anna with her veggie garden. covered the event:

As well as teh Southland Times

Nude Gardening: Welcome
Nude Gardening: Text

Nude Gardening Day '23

Sat 21 Oct was NZ's 6th annual nude gardening day

The 2023 theme was: "Veggies - better home grown".  Nude Gardening Day is part of Gardening Week and is supported by Yates. 

Alice de Wet, NZNF Marketing co-ordinator was interviewed live by TV One's Breakfast show - you can see the interview here


Looking Back: Nude Gardening Day

Each year Nude Gardening Day has a different theme. In 2022 the focus was on healthy soil. To this end, Yates has run a competition:  "soil your undies". ( where gardeners were asked to plant their cotton undies for 60 days and dig them up to determine soil health. The more threadbare the undies, the healthier the soil. 

Alice de Wet, NZNF Marketing Co-Ordinator and also Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club Secretary, was interviewed by TV One's Breakfast show. When asked whether she had dug up her undies, Alice responded: "It's pretty funny because I planted my undies with the president of the club, and I could only find his undies.. I couldn't find mine, and his are pretty worn out so I think mine has been eaten by the micro-organisms" to which the Breakfast host replied, "it's not like you need the undies anyway, Alice, so sayonara to your underwear this morning".

You can watch the full interview if you scroll down below...

Nude Gardening: About Us

Alice's Interview with the Breakfast Show

Alice was interviewed by TV One's Breakfast show for Nude Gardening Day 2022. "Getting in touch with nature: touching the soil, feeling the soil, on you bare skin, it's a wonderful feeling." You can see the interview here:

Nude Gardening: Video

Alice's Interview with Breeze Radio

Interviewed by Breeze Radio for Nude Gardening Day 2022, Alice notes: "A sense of total freedom, being in touch with nature, basically being in touch with your roots, because we are all born naked. So it's about going back to that feeling about who you are and trying to reach that inner self. It's great for your self esteem, because when you are nude, you have nothing to hide anymore". You can listen to the interview here:

Nude Gardening: Video

A History of NZ Nude Gardening Day 2018 - 2022

Below is a recap of some of the media stories from past years. Special thanks to Alice de Wet, Wendy Lowe, Donna Miller and June Campbell-Tong for promotion of this event over the last few years - as well as to Yates and Lynn River for their past support.

Nude Gardening: News

Nude Gardener of the Year 2022

29 Nov, 2022

From 2020 to 2022 Lynn River ran the "Nude Gardening Day Photo Competition". Lois Heads won nude gardener of the year '22


2022 Theme: Bury your undies to determine soil health

22 Oct, 2022

Yates was asking NZ gardeners to bury their undies for 60 days, then dig it up to determine soil health as this 2022's theme for Nude Gardening Day. See Media release: Nude Gardening Day: Kiwis urged to bury their undies |

AONC Secretary Alice along with the club president, Mick, buried their undies (Betty Boob panties and Buzz Lightyear briefs).  Alice's underwear was totally decomposed to the point of being untraceable when it was time to dig it up - a testimony to the great soil health at AONC.  Geoff is seen here trimming the hedges. 


STIHL SHOP advert with Naked Gardeners

1 April, 2022

Echoing Nude Gardening Day, STIHL Shop ran a clever April Fool's day ad with some nude gardeners (including members of AONC). Watch it on Facebook:


Through the Lens 2021: New Zealand Herald, the Year in Pictures

Dec, 2021

A special feature of NZHerald, telling the story of 2021 through pictures, including a photo of AONC club members celebrating Nude Gardening Day. Photo by Michael Craig.


AM Interview with Wendy Lowe 2021

October 27, 2021

Live early morning TV interview with NZNF President Wendy Lowe on the AM show, channel Three. This was Wendy's 2nd appearance on the show pertaining to the topic, her first was in 2019 (further down this list). You can watch it on Facebook:


Lynn River Nude Gardening Day Competition 2021

October 27, 2021

Alice wins Lynn River Nude Gardener of the Year competition for 2021 after 12 finalists were put to public vote.

NZ Naked Gardening Competition.jpg

Otago Daily Times: Game to join in on Nude Gardening Day

October 25, 2021

A great article showing you don't have to be a naturist to join in on the fun of nude gardening day. anyone can participate!

Otago Daily Times.jpg Among the bushes: Naked gardeners strip off for Nude Gardening Day

24 Oct, 2021

Alice & Dion de Wet and Ryan Berry from AONC strip down for 2021 Nude Gardening Day and talk to about naturism and gardening.


Newshub: Kiwi nudists planning mass naked gardening day to benefit local food charities

October 18, 2021

Newshub talks to Wendy Lowe in an article covering the theme of 2021 Nude Gardening Day: 'Grow to give' encouraging people to grow an extra row and donate the surplus vegetables to families in need through a local food bank, community pantry, or another food donation agency.


NZHerald printed article

May 1, 2021

Article that appeared in the printed version of the NZHerald for International Nude Gardening Day, with a photo by Michael Craig, article follows: 

“Wear sunblock, a hat and gloves”.   That’s the advice for anyone wanting to take part in International Gardening Week today from Alice de Wet, secretary of the Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club. De Wet, who was introduced to naturism through a friend in native South Africa 13 years ago, believes that naturism, and naked gardening, is a way to get away from the modern world. 

“It’s easy to get caught up in technology and lose touch with nature and our roots. This is a way to connect to nature and focus on the outdoor and the environment.”

De Wet moved to New Zealand with her husband 12 years ago and they attend the club in Ranui with their son.  She thinks it’s more comfortable to visit a club rather than public place such as a naturist beach when staring in naturism. Or if you want to try naked gardening in your garden, then perhaps erect a gazebo to afford privacy. And what about feet?
“Definitely wear footwear if you’re digging, for safety’s sake. But I prefer barefoot gardening to really connect with the Earth”. 

NZHerald May 2022.JPG

1News: Nude Gardening Day 2020

October 24, 2020


AM Interview with NZNF President Wendy Lowe 2019

25 October, 2019

You can watch the AM Interview with NZNF Pres. Wendy Lowe on Facebook:

AM Interview.jpg Taranaki Naturist Club participating in NZ's first official Nude Gardening Day

October 22, 2018

A article covering NZ's first official Nude Gardening Day as celebrated by members of Taranaki club.


No frostbite at Southland's Nude Gardening Day

October 21, 2018 covers Southern Naturally (the world's Southern most naturist club) celebrating NZ's first official Nude Gardening Day.


Manawatu Naturists Celebrate Nude Gardening Day

Oct 21, 2018

Manawatu Naturists celebrate the first official Nude Gardening Day in NZ


NZHerald article on establishment of first official Nude Gardening Day in NZ

September 28, 2018

NZHerald interviews then president of the NZNF Donna Miller on decision to establish NZ's own version of Nude Gardening Day.

GreenThum.jpg It's Naked Gardening Day - but it's a tad chilly, say Kiwi enthusiasts

May 5, 2018

An interview with former NZNF president June Campbell-Tong who find International Nude Gardening Day in May a bit chilly.

June.jpg International Nude Gardening Day with Taranaki Naturist Club

May 4, 2018

Before NZ's own version of Nude Gardening Day was established in 2018, we celebrated it in May with the rest of the world (which is a touch nippy!)


Radio NZ: International Nude Gardening Day

4 May, 2018

Radio New Zealand spoke to then president of NZNF Donna Miller on International Nude Gardening Day

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